Funderbeam is a network and the value of what we do is measured in the extent of beneficial connections we create between people locally and globally. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or professional, our goal is the same; to bring you into the community.

Below, you can explore the ways to engage with our community as well as connecting with the Funderbeamers in person.

Join our online communities

We are always trying to connect with our community and have our community connect with each other digitally and in-person. Through social media, you can learn more about investing and fundraising as well as get to know us better:


Exclusive access networks

With a verified Funderbeam account, you’ll have access to our private investor and entrepreneur groups:

Embrace the offline community

If your motivations go beyond digital tools, we provide a number of alternatives for connecting with the Funderbeam community personally. You’ll find our latest events below but you can also reach out directly if you’d like to coordinate a delegation, collaborate to launch an event, and or host your own meet-up. For any of these, please email our Client Relation Manager, Tom Pooley directly with a brief background and description of what you’d like to do.

Upcoming events

We are regularly attending global conferences and events. Because of this, we are always happy to meet with you and quite often we arrange meet-ups for Funderbeam users to meet us as well as network amongst themselves.

Office hours

We have Funderbeamers all over the world and if there’s anything we can collaborate on (events, joint partnerships, etc.), help you with in regards to your investing or fundraising needs, or provide additional insight on, we are happy to meet. We can talk about legal, marketing, sales, and anything related to fundraising, investing, and trading!

Currently, we are based in Rio, Lisbon, London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Zagreb, Tallinn, and Singapore. If you’d like to meet, click the button below and email your nearest Funderbeamer.

Let’s meet