Are there prerequisites to raising funds on Funderbeam?

The basics of what you'll need in order to be approved to launch a fundraising campaign

First of all, you need to be a passionate founder, with a company you truly believe can be a big thing, and a good investment for the Funderbeam community.

More specifically, you should have the following:

  • A working product or MVP with at least some traction from users
  • A lead investor who will negotiate the deal on behalf of Funderbeam’s investors
  • Significant offer, equity or otherwise (i.e. for equity based campaigns, we won’t allow rounds only offering 1-2% of the company)
  • Willingness to commit the time and effort it takes to raise funds for a company
  • Have secured 35% of the total investment target pre-committed before launch

If you think you have most of these requirements, get started by giving us a little information about yourself and your company via this page:

We do not have any formal requirement for the size of the rounds that we can do, but with our pricing, we generally see that it’s not attractive for companies raising less than €100,000 as the cost of setting up the syndicate is the same regardless of round size.