How does Funderbeam select and on-board investment opportunities?

At Funderbeam, our highest priorities are to build trust, transparency and community. For this, we want the investment opportunities to be of the highest possible quality, and give potential investors an accurate and detailed perspective on the potential investment opportunity.

It’s important to understand that investing always involves risk, particularly with early stage and growth companies, and you should properly evaluate these risks before considering making any investment. We encourage you to read the Risk Disclosure Statement before deciding to proceed with any investment.

The process of launching a company on Funderbeam*

1. The fundraising company provides general and financial information

Our Financial analysts evaluate the financial information; our evaluation commitee performs an overall evaluation of the company and the opportunity

2. The company describes their business in detail

Funderbeam reviews the inforpmation and presents it as a financial promotion

*Simplified for illustrative purposes

Evaluation of potential fundraising companies

When we on-board a new fundraising campaign we work with the company to ensure the campaign materials cover the key areas we believe are typically important for an investor considering an investment in an early-stage company. This process involves an in-depth review of:

  • Problem & solution
  • Market
  • Financial and performance information
  • Team and experience
  • Competition
  • Sources and uses of funding and capital
  • Exit strategy

Before making the information available to potential investors, Funderbeam follows an internal process to verify the factual information provided in accordance with our internal verification procedures. This means we take steps to ensure that the information presented is clear, fair and not misleading and presents a fair and balanced portrayal of the business. This is not a recommendation to invest and it is not investment advice.