What is the process of fundraising?

Learn about how the fundraising process works on Funderbeam and what are the steps

The fundraising process consists of two parts: running the campaign and collecting funds.

1. Running the campaign

Raising funds on Funderbeam starts with submitting the campaign application and creating a campaign profile. Once you have done that, our evaluators will assess the campaign and if all looks good, the campaign will be ready to go.

Phase 1 of running a campaign

A fundraising campaign can either be private or public. Depending on which one you choose to go for, you can either invite investors by private access or have your campaign public for everyone.

The next step is to approve investment indications and once the campaign target is reached, it will be time to collect the funds.

2. Collecting the funds

After the campaign has been closed, the lead investor will send out investment proposals. Once the investors accept the proposals and have transferred the funds, these are collected and the paperwork can start.

Phase 2 of running a campaign

The paperwork includes setting up the SPV, signing the shareholders’ agreement and registering new shares. When all this is done, the campaign is closed and Share/note/units are distributed to the investors

Want to start raising funds? Get started by submitting the campaign application.