What is the smallest amount I can invest?

This is the minimum financial barrier to begin using the platform

There are two ways to invest, through the primary and the secondary (trading) market. As a result there are two different minimums, outlined below;


In each campaign, the minimum investment amount is decided by the company and the lead investor. This minimum is set as the lead investor considers the startup’s funding needs, as well as the number and kind of potential investors.
Typically the minimum is between €500 and €2,000, but we recommend looking at the details of the active syndicates to find out the specific terms


Secondary (trading) Market

Funderbeam offers a completely open secondary market for investors to trade their investments with each other. The buyer and seller can come to any agreement on the value of this trade, so the cost to becoming an investor can fit any budget.
You can find out more details about trading here

Warning: Investing in early-stage and growth companies puts your capital at risk. Please read our Risk Disclosure Statement