What payment methods can I use?

Information about Bank, Card and Transferwise Payments to your Funderbeam wallet and currency conversion

When transferring money to your Funderbeam wallet you can choose any of the following options;

Bank Transfer

Available to all verified investors, this option can be used to transfer and withdraw funds from your Funderbeam wallet using the details found on your dashboard.

There is no charge from Funderbeam however if based outside of the EU, your bank may charge a fee.

You can read a more detailed step by step process here

Card Payment

Available to verified investors that are clients of Funderbeam Markets Limited.


For investors within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland this service will be free for all personal cards.

For investors outside of the EEA OR any investor using a business card, there is a 3% fee

In the event of a Chargeback, for all investors, we charge a 50€ fee

You can read a more detailed step by step process here



Available to all our verified investors, our 3rd party partner TransferWise, is looking to offer a quick and cheap option for international transfers into your Funderbeam wallet.

You can learn all about TransferWise and their service here



Currency Conversion

Funderbeam is now able to offer in wallet currency conversions for all verified investors. This service is only available to convert funds between GBP and Euros, for other conversions please consider using TransferWise when transferring funds into your wallet.


Funderbeam aims for transparency when offering our service and should you have any questions about any of the fees or processes please do ask us to clarify.