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Name Type Countries invested Number of Startups Industries invested Funding size $

the London Fund

Company USA 1 Industrials 100-250k

W Capital Partners

Company USA 3 Consumer Services, Technology 2-5m, 5-10m, 10-20m

Steve Kaufer

Person USA 1 Consumer Services 100-250k


Company GBR, USA 2 Technology <100k, 500k-1m

Xavier Buck

Person BGR, LUX 2 Consumer Services <100k, 250-500k


Company USA 1 Consumer Services 1-2m, 2-5m, 5-10m, 10-20m, >20m

Sandra L. Kurtzig

Person USA 1 Technology 2-5m

New Richmond Ventures

Company USA 4 Consumer Goods, Health Care, Financials 1-2m, 2-5m

Ekspress Grupp

Company EST 1 Industrials <100k

Arax Capital Partners

Company AUT 1 Consumer Services 250-500k