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4USXUS® is a nonpartisan, sociopolitical website that aims to bridge the gap between the government and the voter.

It simplifies the everyday working of the Congress, and provides users with access to legislative bills and resolutions as well as the performance of past and present Congressional Representatives. The ultimate goal is to educate people on the importance of knowledge by bringing transparency and accountability to the forefront of politics. This is achieved by supporting an open data government and by motivating strong and effective leaders to become involved in this process. The motto of 4USXUS® is this: Education Equalizes.

How it works

Based on what interests you, 4USXUS® allows you to Track your Representatives’ activity and the position of individual legislation in addition to providing a platform on which you can voice your support or opposition via an online Vote function. Your vote on any piece of legislation is relayed to your Representative, tracked internally and then assembled into a personalized, historic relationship graph. The transparency of the system helps you gauge if your Representative has voted in line with your wishes, a critical step to help you Decide if you have been appropriately represented.

• Every bill and resolution that is presented in the Congress will be introduced on 4USXUS.COM, with a simplified explanation as to what it is saying. You can search for bills that are the talk of the town, but also those that are not discussed in detail, but might matter to you.

• Organizations that work as advocacy groups or trade unions can also vote on their positions regarding a certain bill, and this will make it easier for both the voter and Congress to see what their stance is.

• The voter can evaluate the pros and cons of the bill, and submit their comments. They can also virtually vote for or against it on the website. We make sure that these comments reach the members of Congress, where these opinions will almost certainly be reviewed.

• There are detailed metrics including bar charts and historic graphs to explain the stance that legislators took on a certain issue, and also the voter trend on a bill or resolution.

• Congressional staff and senators can gauge public sentiment on everyday legislation. They can also judge whether advocacy groups are primarily endorsing or protesting the passing of a particular law.

Why it works

Your life, as a voter, is influenced daily by the legislation presented and debated in Congress. 4USXUS® provides you an ingenious means to participate in the democratic process. You can now influence decision-makers, engage with political activists in this public sphere, albeit virtual, and indulge in meaningful discussions with other citizens who are just as concerned about Congress bills and resolutions that govern their daily lives, as you are.

As knowledgeable citizens, you hold greater influence over government officials. Senators and legislators realize that their task is to serve the people who voted them into office. When you express your views about an issue through this platform, you can be certain that your voice is heard in the halls of Congress. This is because the opinion comes as the informed opinion of constituents who are educated as to their constitutional rights – not as part of a petition that ends up as junk mail, or is treated as such because it carries with it fake, or even abusive names and signatures.

And yes, Congress is sitting up and taking notice of you.

‘The need for a system upgrade’

We came together in January, 2014 to form 4USXUS® because we believe that we can make a difference in this world. We take the principle of ‘For Us, by Us’ very seriously.

Although the framework of Congress and the system of democracy are both remarkable, they are in dire need of a long-term fix. The famous phrase ‘of the people, by the people’ is forgotten, and must be revived because the system needs constant participation of the people in order to strengthen and serve the community.

This task goes beyond voting, for it is actually about holding ourselves responsible. Bills and resolutions presented or voted for and against in Congress, influence our lives – as families, communities and a nation. It is this very process that requires our participation. So, if you are not already a registered voter, do it now. Your vote does count!

4USXUS® is an incredibly tangible method of having the public voice heard and respected, outside of the election cycle. The idea is to regain what true democracy stands for, and return political power to the voter. People can have a say in everyday issues rather than just at the time of elections, and elected Representatives can be held accountable for the promises they.

Following this, citizens can make an informed educated decision on how they are actually represented, depending on the performance of their Representatives.

By educating the voter, the website aims to equalize the voter and those who they are voting for. It makes a world of a difference to be able to tell your story on a credible platform, and that is exactly what we want to do: give the voter confidence to say what they think, based on their life experiences.

In undertaking this task of amplifying the voices of those who matter most, our resolve is, to first and foremost, remain absolutely non-partisan. In simple words, we don’t intend to take sides. Our task is to provide a ground-breaking platform with clear, objective access to information. We aim to simplify the complexities in this information, but without editorializing, or offering our own views.


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