Keeping your Funderbeam experience online Secure and Safe

LHV Bank access for Funderbeam Investments

Over The Counter Transactions

Alternative trading options available on Funderbeam

Funderbeam Marketplace Changes

A detailed overview and FAQs of the improvements made to our next generation Marketplace

How can I structure a deal?

What different types of structures are available for your company

How does Funderbeam select and on-board investment opportunities?

Where do I find your legal terms and privacy policy?

Our terms for investing, trading, as well as research

What is a non-readily realisable security?

Helping understand what it is

Making a payment via TransferWise

A short overview on how to make a currency conversion using our partner TransferWise for your investment

Tax Identification Number (TIN)?

Explanation on where to locate your TIN for your Funderbeam Profile

Investorfradrag Eligibility

An overview of the Danish Investor Deductions Act and investing via Funderbeam

Listing on Funderbeam

The complete guide to Listing on Funderbeam: Creating unique liquidity for high-growth companies.

What does Funderbeam do?

Learn the basics of what we offer and how you can use our platform.

How do I start trading?

The process of buying and selling investments on the Funderbeam Marketplace

What are the differences between a loan-based SPV and a Nominee?

Choosing the best legal structure for your fundraise and understanding the fundraising model before investing.

How do I sign up and get verified?

A short tutorial detailing the simple process of creating a free user account and become a verified investor

How do syndicates work?

Each investment opportunity brings together the company, its lead investor and a community of investors

How can I start raising funds?

Depending on whether you are a founder or an investor, there are different steps to take

Funderbeam Marketplace Issuer Q&A

An overview of some sample questions that current or potential issuers about the Funderbeam Marketplace being offered via our Singaporean entity

Can anyone use Funderbeam?

Learn who can use Funderbeam and how to get started

Can I lead a syndicate to raise funding for my own startup?

Information about whether or not it is possible to be the lead investor in your own startup.

Information disclosure guidelines for issuers

To ensure the fair, orderly and transparent functioning of the Marketplace.

What are the risks?

Before investing, it's important to understand the risks

What payment methods can I use?

Information about Bank, Card and Transferwise Payments to your Funderbeam wallet and currency conversion

Trading during the Market Discovery Period

An overview of the temporarily changed trading conditions during special circumstances

Why is Funderbeam only in English?

Having a global product means using one common language

How to make a payment with your card

A step by step process on how to use card payments when adding funds to your Funderbeam wallet

How does Funderbeam avoid market manipulation?

We do not tolerate deliberate attempts to interfere with our marketplace

What do I get for my Investment?

An overview of what investors receive for their investment on Funderbeam

What is a lead investor?

Find out more about leading a syndicate and the role of a syndicate administrator

How do I close my account(s)?

I would like to close/delete my Funderbeam account

Singaporean Marketplace Investor Q&A

An overview outlining why Funderbeam is now offering trading through our Singaporean Entity, and what this means to investors.

Does Funderbeam use Blockchain?

Learn how we apply the blockchain and cryptocurrency to our platform

Why is trading closed?

This article explains why trading is not possible in certain situations and how you can find information about when it will be again

What is the smallest amount I can invest?

This is the minimum financial barrier to begin using the platform

What is the process of fundraising?

Learn about how the fundraising process works on Funderbeam and what are the steps

How do you make your shares tradable?

Why you should transfer your shares and how does the nominee structure work?

What happens when a company exits?

When a company has been sold/purchased or goes public (IPO)

How do I change my bank account?

Article for adding or changing the bank account used for depositing and withdrawing funds into your Funderbeam wallet

Why are some investments restricted more than others?

Understand why some investments, specifically funds, are more restricted than others

What are the costs of fundraising?

Fundraising campaign fee structure

Will all companies be tradable?

What are the costs for trading?

An outline of the costs when trading on Funderbeam's Marketplace

What tax information do I need to be aware of?

Declaration, documentation, and liabilities

How much can I raise on Funderbeam?

Details about whether we have a maximum or minimum amount you can fundraise.

What is an indication?

Description of the first stage of investing in an active syndicate

Is it possible to list already existing assets?

Clean up your cap table and make your assets tradable

What is an instrument multiplier?

How do I add and withdraw funds from my wallet?

What you need to know about adding money to and withdrawing money from your account

How do I get information about investments?

Before and after investing into a company this is what you can/should expect

What are the different instruments available?

Funderbeam supports four different financial instruments: equity, convertible note, fund and bonds.

What is an investment proposal?

When the indication deadline has passed the lead investor will begin the next step towards completing the fundraising campaign

Why do you need my phone number?

What two-factor authentication is and why we require it for transactions on funderbeam

Is this legal?

Using Funderbeam to invest and trade in startups and companies

How can I Invest as Company?

Information about Investing through your company on Funderbeam

How can a company become tradable on Funderbeam?

An outline of the various options in becoming tradable on the platform, including Private Trading

Are there prerequisites to raising funds on Funderbeam?

The basics of what you'll need in order to be approved to launch a fundraising campaign

How do I invest in a syndicate?

The steps that are involved when an investor wants to invest in a syndicate

How do you transfer an Estonian company’s shares to Funderbeam

How to transfer between Funderbeam and personal securities account

What happens if the company I’ve invested in, or Funderbeam, goes out of business?

What will happen to my investment?

Are you hiring?

We have a great and growing team here at Funderbeam. Join us!

Information on EIS and SEIS

Can investors benefit from EIS and SEIS on Funderbeam? What are these schemes anyway? Learn more here

Are there fees for making your shares tradable?

Which country’s residents are not allowed to trade or invest on Funderbeam?

The countries excluded from trading and investing on Funderbeam

Changing your service provider to our authorised UK company

What does it mean for you that Funderbeam is now Authorised?

Overfunded Syndicates: Considerations on Allocation of Proposals

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