What tax information do I need to be aware of?

Declaration, documentation, and liabilities

How can I declare the taxes?

You should declare taxes based on your tax residency and applicable regulations. Your trading information history is accessible and available on your dashboard under the “Transactions” tab and “My Trades”. We are also preparing an automated report that you can use in the future.

Where can I get my tax documentation?

For the book-keeping purposes, if you invested in a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) domiciled in Estonia your investment is considered a loan. For this loan, you can find the Lending Terms under the syndicate “Documents” tab, and the Payment Notice from the “Payment Notices” tab on your dashboard where all the details of your loan are specified.

What are the tax liabilities of Estonian investors?

According to Estonia’s tax law, any interest payments to non-resident individuals or corporate creditors is a tax-neutral event. Likewise, for residents of Estonia, a contractual payment (such as that of a loan) to a third party should be considered as a tax-neutral event. This applies to the current loan-based SPV syndication model, where the SPV will be domiciled in Estonia.

️ Warning: None of this can be read as tax advice, and investors are required to seek their own tax counsel.