How do you transfer an Estonian company’s shares to Funderbeam

How to transfer between Funderbeam and personal securities account

After accepting the Transfer Instruction via the Platform, Funderbeam provides you with the details on how to submit an instruction with your bank. We also send you an email, so that you have the details whenever you decide to make the transfer.

  1. Start transfer process via Funderbeam Platform
  2. Make sure you carefully read the Nominee Holding Agreement
  3. Confirm the Transfer Instruction via Funderbeam Platform – Please note the details for share transfer via your bank we have provided you
  4. Submit a transfer instruction via your bank

Here, you can see an example (in Estonian) of how to enter a counter order via Estonian banks.

Can I transfer the shares back to my personal securities account?

Yes, You can transfer your investments back to your personal account. The specific process is described in the Nominee Holding Agreement. Please note this may take time and does involve a transfer fee set out in the Fee Schedule.