Making a payment via TransferWise

A short overview on how to make a currency conversion using our partner TransferWise for your investment

Why use TransferWise

As we’re an international company, many of our investors don’t live daily with the currency a company is fundraising in. This shouldn’t prevent anyone from being able to invest. As a result, we’ve partnered with TransferWise to help convert these investments in a more cost effective way.

Who should use TransferWise

This service is useful to investors who need to convert their domestic currency into the currency in which the company is raising funds.

TransferWise does have restrictions on currencies and countries and we recommend confirming prior to proceeding

How to use TransferWise

We have added a short video walkthrough showing how simple and easy it is to make a payment.

Funderbeam will do the best we can to answer questions, however, we would always recommend asking directly from TransferWise if there is something specific you’d like to know

In the video, you may notice the narrator sends the payment to “Someone else”. For Funderbeam payments, you will select “Business or Charity” and then add the bank details shown on your dashboard. Please remember to add as the notification email so we will know to look out for the payment coming in.