What is an investment proposal?

When the indication deadline has passed the lead investor will begin the next step towards completing the fundraising campaign

After reviewing the indications from the investors, the company/lead investor and/or syndicate administrator sends potential investors an offer (investment proposal) to participate in the pooled financing round.
The investor has the right to accept, suggest an amendment or decline this investment proposal. As all or majority of the terms and conditions are final when the proposal is made, the investor is expected to read all the investment terms very carefully before accepting the Investment Proposal.

At that stage, you are still encouraged to ask the lead investor, the company, or Funderbeam questions if something is still unclear or you are uncertain of any terms or conditions.
If you accept the Investment Proposal you need to make sure that you have funds available in the Wallet before the date of the Disbursement Term specified in the Investment Proposal.

Different amount than indicated

If the financing round is over or under subscribed, the actual proposal amount may be smaller or larger than your original indication. Whether the amount is smaller, larger, or equal to your indication, you can choose to accept or decline the proposal. Only once you accept the Investment Proposal, you will be legally bound to invest.

Uneven amounts

In some cases, you may have indicated an even amount, and receive a proposal with an uneven amount. This happens when the initial price per investment unit (Share, Share unit or Loan Note) price is not 1.

As an example, if you indicated €1000, and the price per investment unit is €1.30, you would receive 769.23 shares, share units or loan notes. However, investment units cannot have decimals, so we would round this down to 769, which multiplied by €1.30 would result in an actual proposal amount of €999,70.

Warning: Investing in early-stage and growth companies puts your capital at risk. Please read our Risk Disclosure Statement