How do I invest in a syndicate?

The steps that are involved when an investor wants to invest in a syndicate

There are two ways to invest on the Funderbeam platform. One way is to invest in an open syndicate on the primary market and another is to invest through the secondary market via trading.

Before even being able to invest, you have to apply for the investor status so that we can verify your identity. Once you have obtained your investor status, you can search for an open syndicate of your interest and submit an indication of interest. The indication is not a legally binding contract but rather a way to express your interest to invest in a particular syndicate.

Diagram of the process of investing into a syndicate on Funderbeam.

The next step is for the lead investor to accept your indication and onboard you as a investor. When sufficient interest is collected (surpassing the target), the syndicate is closed and you will receive the official investment proposals with the amount you had previously indicated.

You can either accept or reject the investment proposal. If you accept, you will receive the payment notice and be requested to initiate the payment for your investment, typically having seven days to make the payment.

After all the funds have been collected, the Share/Note/Units are distributed to all the investors and you will be able to trade these on the secondary market.

Investing in early-stage and growth companies puts your capital at risk. Please read our Risk Disclosure Statement