How do I get information about investments?

Before and after investing into a company this is what you can/should expect

Before investing:

You should do your homework before making any investment decision. Some companies are more transparent and some disclose more information than others. Unlike public companies, privately-held firms don’t need to disclose too much information. While Funderbeam aims to make early-stage companies more transparent by collecting, analysing, and displaying company data from a variety of sources, the responsibility to research an investment opportunity lies with the investor.

After investing:

Companies are required to publish quarterly reports which are available for any verified investors and will help understand the current position of the business.
As an investor, you’ll potentially receive direct information either from the company or via the lead investor, who has the responsibility to make sure that all investors are treated equally and receive the same information. The lead investor may be contractually be restricted in disseminating information to investors or the public.

️ Warning: Investing involves risk, before continuing you should educate yourself on the risks associated with early stage investing. If needed, we advise you to seek professional investment advice.