How do you make your shares tradable?

Why you should transfer your shares and how does the nominee structure work?

You can make your investments tradable without issuing new shares and raising capital for the company. This simply means, that all the current shareholders in the company will keep their stakes in the company as they are, but will be able to trade them on the Funderbeam Marketplace.


Why should I transfer my shares to Funderbeam nominee account?

To make your investment tradable via the Funderbeam Marketplace, you will need to transfer your shares from your current securities account (typically your bank) to the “Funderbeam Markets Limited Clients” nominee account. There will be no change in beneficial ownership. You will maintain all shareholders’ rights, but in some cases, voting rights may be limited due to the share split. The terms and conditions for holding the shares will be thoroughly set out in the Nominee Holding Agreement.

How does the nominee structure work?

Funderbeam Markets Ltd will be acting as a nominee and will keep the shares in its name but in the interest and at the expense of you as an investor. You beneficial ownership will be recorded in the Wallet once Funderbeam Markets Ltd is entered in the Estonian Central Securities Depository as the legal owner of the shares.
Funderbeam Markets Ltd, acting as a nominee, will be responsible for safeguarding and administering the shares in accordance with relevant laws, the Nominee Holding Agreement, and the Platform Terms and Conditions.