Why is trading closed?

This article explains why trading is not possible in certain situations and how you can find information about when it will be again

You may sometimes see a syndicate or bond that is not available for trading. When this happens, you will see a small lock icon instead of a link to trade.

There are two main reasons why trading is closed:

  1. The company in question has not yet opened for trading
    When a company successfully closes a campaign, there will be a period of time where funds are collected and documents are signed. During this process, trading will not yet be available.
  2. The company is raising additional capital on Funderbeam
    At a later stage, companies may decide to raise funds again, and as this will have material affect on the price on the secondary market, trading will be suspended for the duration of their latest campaign.

No matter what the reason for trading not being available, you will usually be able to find information on the campaign or company page, and if not, you can always ask a question to the founders/lead investor in the discussion tab.